Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dreamgrave - Presentiment

Dreamgrave is six piece ensemble from Hungary, Szeged. Members are Dömötör Gyimesi (vocals, guitars), János Mayer (keyboards), Mária Molnár (vocals), Ádám Kovács (guitars), Domonkos Altorjay (drums), Márton Attila Kovács (bass). Genre is described as progressive dark metal.

Presentiment released independently on October 15th 2014. This release contains eight tracks. My first thoughts are, this is melodic, complex and very progressive song structures. One of the things that perked my ears was the vocals of Maria Molnar, she has an excellent voice and it blends well with the death metal style growls. By no means is this a new thing, I have heard bands with a similar style before, like Therion, Epica, Within Temptation and several others but I do enjoy how good that sounds on this album. One of the songs that stuck out in my mind the most would have to be the song Presentiment 2, it is an amazing and epic melodic piece which is mostly stringed instruments and vocals but the melody stays with me long after the song is finished. False Sense of Confidence contains a variety of styles from death metal to blues to progressive all stitched together flawlessly.

In terms of production, with all the instruments involved the sound always remained intense and clear. Drums very powerful and dynamic. Keyboards, violin, guitar and bass all at good levels through out the entire album. I recommended for fans of death metal, metal, progressive and melodic genres. There's something to enjoy in each track. ~Artemortifica


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