Monday, January 19, 2015

Apocryfal - Aberration Of Mind

APOCRYFAL is a death metal band from Finland. Members are; Pasi Vastamäki - Vocals, Mikko Homanen - Guitar, Juha Lausamo - Guitar, Joni Välipakka - Bass, Juho Suomi - Drums. Band started in 2009.

Aberration Of Mind EP self released on October 2nd 2013. This is a five song disc containing fast and punishing music. On a short trip to the city, I was able to listen to it twice and got a good idea of what the songs are all about. A recollection of bands I was into back in the early nineties, bands like Benediction, old Napalm Death and Suffocation come flowing to my mind as I listen. Indeed it is hard to denied the early death metal roots when confronted with tracks like Mother Of All, catchy tempo changes, grinding drum attacks and brutal vocals of course. The title track Aberration of Mind comes in with relentless velocity and I will have to say it is one of my favorites from this release. 

The production is very good, the drums are upfront and destructive, double bass kicks and tom hits are explosive. Guitars have a crunchy distortion attack. Bass compliments all the rhythms perfectly. My final thoughts are, the music creates fast momentum and feirce emotion. I recommended for fans of Incantation, old Morbid Angel, Immolation and Monstrosity. ~Artemortifica


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