Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Singularity - Singularity

Singularity is a four piece band from Arizona. Members are, Jack Fliegler - Guitar/Vocals, Nathan Bigelow - Drums, Adam King - Bass Guitar/Vocals, Nick Pompliano - Keyboards/Vocals. Genre is Metal, symphonic black, tech death metal.

This is their self titled, self released album on September 24th 2014. The record contains ten songs. The first thing that perked my ears was how progressive and complex the music sounds. These are well thought out compositions. The black metal roots are evident. The arrangements do break away from the standard b/m structure and they add more layers within each verse to give the band a unique sound. Some of my favorite songs from this release are Utopian Flesh and The Descent, melodic and yet complex, I played them at high volumes many times. "The Ascension", features some wicked and memorable guitar riffs, I was completely blown away at how flawlessly they played the harmonies and makes this another song to crank up the volume on. 

The production overall is excellent. Drums are spot on, every grind and mid tempo passage sound devastating. Guitars have great tone and the solos sound amazing. The bass is powerful and punishing.

My final thoughts, a powerful album that should not be overlooked. Rooted in black metal but breaks the boundaries with progression and complexity. Memorable interludes and epic atmosphere. You'll want to keep your ears glued to this album. ~Artemortifica


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