Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mandatory - Catharsis

Mandatory is a five piece band from Austria. Members are Max Hundsberger - Vocals, Chris Hörmann - Guitar, Leo Wolfmayr - Bass, Mike Pfaffenhuemer - Drums, Clean Vocals, Manuel Rohrauer - Guitar.
Genre described as melodic death / thrash metal.

Catharsis album released on September 20th 2014. This is the bands second album featuring nine songs. High energy and progressive. The guitar riffs remind me of early Dream Theater, although they contain modern metal arrangements that are comparable to Heaven Shall Burn or At The Gates. The Lyrical content touches on the human aspects of todays world and are high spirited as well as inspirational. One of several stand out tracks would be Act II Catharsis, I found myself headbanging to many of its aggressive and moving tempo changes. It is a song that will get the audience raging in a live situation. Act III Purification, a massive build up into some well executed solos. One of the groups that come to mind is The Haunted but with more melodic approach. The song Blue Print is another song worth playing several times, crushing and memorable.

In terms of production, this is a solid and well balanced recording. Great drum sound. Crushing guitar tone and the bass is massive and devastating. I recommended for fans of Lamb Of God, The Haunted, Dream Theater and At The Gates. ~Artemortifica


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