Xul - Malignance

Xul is a five piece band consisting of Levi Meyers - Lead Vocals. Bill Ferguson - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar. Marlow Deiter - Bass. Wallace Huffman - Lead Guitar. Lowell Winters - Drums. Genre described as Blackened Death Metal. Band origin Vernon. B.C.

Malignance album released on Redefining Darkness Records October 2015. My first impression is, the crushing sounds and brutality comes roaring through the speakers from the very beginning. Complex arrangements and sweeping solo work can be found in almost every song. Some of my favorite tracks from this release would have to be Hordes Of Black, Tomb Of Tyrants and Vengeance. Some of the influences that I hear in the music would be, Sinister, old Hypocrisy, Malevolent Creation, Pestilence and others from the same era. Although comparisons aside, the band does create its own vibe and is certainly on a brutality level all own their own.

In conclusion, great production quality, superior guitar riffing and crushing double kick drums will keep your blood flowing through out this energetic and destructive ride.



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