Sicada - Requisition

Sicada is a four piece band consisting of Louis Adipietro - Vocals / Guitars. Chris Martinez - Guitars, Anthony Costanzo - Bass. Anthony Adipietro - Drums. Genre described as Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal. Band origin N.Y., USA.

Requisition EP to be released on Tridroid Records 12 February 2016. My initial thoughts are, full of energy, fast and progressive. The album starts out with a melodic riff then quickly brings in the heaviness. In terms of production, the drums have a well balance mix, tight snare and solid double bass kicks. Warm guitar tone make the characteristics of the verses easy to comprehend. Some of the musical influences that I hear include bands like Wrath, Overkill, Flotsam and Jetsam or just an early thrash metal style of riffing. Particularly the tracks "Black Sheep" and "No Reprieve", take a flashback to the early metal days which is enjoyable to my ears. My favorite song from this release would have to be the title track "Requisition", I enjoy the bass parts the most, it is a prominent factor in the main structure of this song and simply rips. 

In conclusion, if you like metal that comes from the roots of the genre, then this is for you.



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