Foret D' Orient - Venetia

Foret D' Orient is a five piece band consisting of, Emiliano Rigon (Drums/Keys/Lyrics)- Marco Barolo (Bass/Keys/Lyrics) - Sonia Dainese (Harp) - Roberto Catto (Vocals). Genre described as Melodic Black Metal, Classical, Folk. Band origin, Italy.

Venetia album released on Visionaire Records 5 January 2016. My first thoughts are, epic and classical. The merging of brutality with progressive and melodic elements. On this release the band offers us six songs to mesmerize our thoughts with memorable and complex compositions. A combination of classical modes and orchestral atmospheres. The song "Sogno De Vis", begins with a moderate pace then slows into a catchy and memorable clean strumming guitar along with some captivating clean vocals. My absolute favorite song would have to be "Dominio Da Mar", entirely played on strings and keys. The melody is one that can slowly creep into your mind and enthralled you with its magnificence.

In conclusion, if you want to experience an adventure filled with heavy orchestral phrases and melodic interludes then you will want to add this to your collection.



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