Vomit of Doom - Obey The Darkness

Vomit of Doom - is a three piece band consisting of Venomous Abominator-Drums, Vocals. Artillery Command-Guitars. Endless Malevolence-Guitars (lead). Genre described as Black/Thrash Metal. Band origin Argentina.

Obey The Darkness album released on Satanath Records August 16th 2015. Listening to this for the first time I get a vision like the gates of apocalypse flying open, very cryptic, but close to what the music can manifest. Some of the main influence that come to my mind would be Pestilence, Beastial Raids, Venom, early Slayer and Celtic Frost. Imaging bare knuckles smashing concrete or a violent pit about to unfold, many of the songs can cause for brutal interactions as such. In terms of production, the music is gritty and rough but it adds extra character to the sound. In total they offer us thirteen compositions of evil and raw black-thrash metal coming at you at full throtle. The most stand out tracks for me would be "Conspiracy VS The World", it brings back memories of the good days of metal like Venom or Death Angel. Another strong contender would have to be "Maze of Doom", fast and precise drumming with a catchy chorus. 

In conclusion, if you enjoy old school raw style of metal then this album is worth exploring.



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