Wrathrone - Born Beneath

Wrathrone is a five piece band consisting of Lauri Holm - Guitars. Matti Vehmas - Vocals. Pekka Wärri - Bass. Mikael Ruoho - Drums. Vili Mäkinen - Guitars & Backing Vocals. Genre described as Death Metal.
Band origin Laitila. 

Born Beneath album released on Inverse Records January 22nd 2016. This album does not waste anytime and gets directly to the intensity. No intros, just dives right in with brutality. A solid production with powerful drum sound, heavy distorted strings, low guttural vocals mixed with some highs from time to time. Some of the influences I hear in the music would be Beheaded, Six Feet Under, Brutal Truth, Death and Decapitated. While there is no new ground being explored, the music is energetic and the execution of punishing riffs will delight the majority of metalheads looking for some new tunes with an edge. Among my favorite would have to be "Born Beneath", the ending riff is sure to get your head moving and "Age of Decadence", strikes you like a punch to the gut, very aggressive delivery.

In conclusion, heavy doses of death metal come at you like strong waves and the album is definitely worth exploring if you like getting your face melted by heavy compositions.



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