Shivers Addiction - Choose Your Prison

Shivers Addiction is a five piece band consisting of MARCO-Guitar, GINO-Guitar, FABIO-Bass Guitar, ANGELO-Drums. Marco-Vocals. Genre described as metal. Band origin Saronno.

Choose Your Prison album released on Revalve Records on December 21st 2015. The roots of metal are very evident upon first listening to this. Since this past week I was flooded with all types of death metal and black metal releases, getting my ears to break away from all that was a welcome change. In terms of production, this is a well recorded performance. Good drum sound and excellent guitar tones.
Some of the bands that come to my mind as I listen to this album would be Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, UFO and Merciful Fate. The vocals on every track are amazing. The vocalist can hit a wide range of tones from a variety of octave spectrum. In total the band offers us eleven tracks with the song "Painted Arrow", having a second version featuring Evelyn. One of my favorite songs would be "Freedom", I liked the chorus lines and solos are fast and fluid.

In conclusion, complex melodies and a sound capturing the pure essence of metal. 



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