Serrabulho - Star Whores

Serrabulho is a four piece band consisting of Guerra - vocals; Paulo - guitars, vocals; Guilhermino - bass, vocals; Ivan - drums. Genre described as Happy Death Grind. Band origin Vila Real, Portugal.

Star Whores album released on Rotten Roll Rex July 13, 2015. So, this was certainly a pleasant surprise. When I hit the play button the crazy fun filled ride began. The main theme here is fun, satire and ridiculous entertainment. Songs like "Pornocchio" and "Buttman" paint a good visual as to what you are about to encounter in the album. In terms of production, everything sounds really good. Crunchy distorted guitar, punchy bass lines and fast grinds on the drums. Crazy samples and gore galore. My favorite sample would have to be for the intro in "Buttman", it is hysterical, I found myself laughing upon first listening to it. Many catchy choruses, pig squeel vocals and madness all around. Think of bands like Gwar, Maggot Twat, Sexual Atrocities and SikFuk and it is similar in good dirty rotting fun. One of my favorite songs from this album would have to be "Happy Fornication", I listen to this one several times, it is funny and entertaining like no other. It has to be heard to believe. The level of mania contain within these tracks is at a high level.
In conclusion, this is a great album to listen to, it does not take itself seriously at all. The music is fast, brutal and grinding but it definitely puts a smile on your face when you get involved with the lyric content. Fans of Anal Cunt, Sexual Atrocities, Putrid Pile, General Surgery and Haemorrhage will certainly want to add this to their collection. 



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