The Maledict - Dread

The Maledict is a five piece band consisting of Ian McLean - Guitar, vocals. Karl Freitag - Drums. Stuart Henry - Guitar. Stuart McCarthy - Bass, vocals. Genre described as Death, doom. Band origin Mildura. 

Dread album self released on December 2015. My first impression, great dark atmosphere. Heavy guitar tones and punishing riffs. One of my favorite songs from this release would have to be "A Muse In Requiem", the keyboard pieces are captivating. The build up of heavy passages is powerful and destructive. The crushing sounds coming from the bass are dominating and it is easy to find yourself moving your head as the low vocals fill your ears with oppressing dissonance. In The Lips and Hearts is another song worth mentioning. Its subtle start quickly wraps its tentacles in your mind and you will find yourself spinning in the vast void before you know it. Some of the heavier tracks like Carrion Art, get your blood pumping and it is a nice variety to have amongst all the atmosphere and chaos. 

In conclusion, the album offers a dark and malevolent adventure worth investigating. Fans of Paradise Lost, Novembers Doom and Neurosis will definitely want to add this to their collection.


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