Entropia - Ufonaut

Entropia is a five piece band consisting of  U – Guitars, vocals and drive. L – Drums and tempo. T – Bass, vocals and depth. R – Synth and colour. A – Guitars and tone. Genre described as psychedelic. Band origin Poland.

Ufonaut album to be released on Arachnophobia Records 15 February 2016. From the opening track you can tell that the music is not your standard by the book writing style. Instead the band explores the outer realms, sort of speak. Yes, there are blast beats and grinds but, the way they structure their progressions offer the listener off-time and dissonant time signatures and they blend well together. Like a mad scientist exploring new theories. One of the heavy hitters from this release would be the title song "Ufonaut", the drums are a big highlight on this track. Thunderous rolling toms deliver massive blows of brutality. Crushing double kicks and cryptic riffs. To be honest the entire album sounds excellent to me. Another song worth checking out would be "Mandala", it provides a chaotic and devastating ride of sonic proportions and Paradox, listening to this is like being ripped to shreds in outer space.

In conclusion, if you are looking for something refreshing, heavy and climatic, then look no further, you will find it in this album.



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