Comatose - The Ultimate Revenge

Comatose is a four piece band consisting of Kyndall Cesar - drums. L.D. Lee- guitars/ Vocals. Milo Jan Mondejar - Guitars. Surge Enso - bass. Genre described as death metal. Band origin Philippines.

The Ultimate Revenge album released on Satanath Records December 22 2015. The wicked sounds of destruction are evident upon hitting the play button. A creepy and enthralling intro takes us directly into the madness without missing tempo. Raw and pure death metal is what this band is delivering. In terms of production, the music is not super polished, instead we get a gritty and bare bone sound which adds character to the style being projected by these musicians. Songs like "Prophets Dream", "Hypochristianity" and "Army of Darkness" remind me of the old relics of the day, like early Morbid Angel, Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse. Maniacal and fast solos are found in nearly every track and show a high level of intricket writing. The track, "Sickening Ways" features a good amount of solos worth checking out.

In conclusion, a powerful release for these musicians. Influenced by the old and malevolent roots of death metal. They are moving forward with their own brand of brutality and carrying on the flame of the genre with this album.



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