Cult Of Erinyes - Transcendence

Cult Of Erinyes is a three piece band consisting of Corvus-lead and rhythm guitar, bass, keys. Mastema-vocals. Algol-bass, rhythm guitar. Baron-lead guitar. Genre described as black metal. Band origin Belgium.

Transcendence EP to be released on Caverna Abismal Records February 29 2016. The amount of oppressive and haunting music this EP delivers is very potent. "Degrees of Solitude" starts things of and it grabs you by the neck pulling you deep into the void. In terms of production, the drum sound is killer, good cymbals and powerful double kicks. The guitars cut through really well and the rhythms are catchy and clear. Some of the influence I hear would be bands like The Cold Beyond, Belphegore, Samael and Bathory. The title track "Transcendence" hits a certain dark atmosphere. You can get a sense of a deeper ambiance with dissonant chord progressions. The third and final song is a cover by Mayhem "Pagan Fears", they present a powerful and devastating performance of this song. If you want to get your face ripped off, I suggest cranking this one up past ten. 

In conclusion, a short but destructive and penetrating EP. If you like raw, relentless and evil b/m then this is the release for you.



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