Abatuar - Vejación de la Bestia​/​Fosa Común

Abatuar is a death metal band consisting of Cadaver: Drums, Music, Vocals. I will assume it is a one man project from the promo sent to me. Genre described as death metal. Band origin Panama-Stadt.

Vejación de la Bestia​/​Fosa Común album released on Dunkelheit Produktionen November 23, 2015. My first impression, a feeling of constant annihilation, malevolence and destruction. The production is gritty and bare boned. The compositions are certainly brutal. Unless you know spanish, you are out of luck as far as the lyrics are concerned. I can tell you that it is mainly death and devastation. One of my favorite songs from this release would be "Dispersal of Toxic cloud and Mustard Gas". Very cool and haunting intro that reminds me of a horror film, crazy screams and shivering explosions. The first track, Extermination of Humanity With Nerve Agent Sarin, the thing that stood out the most is the rapid fire attack of blast beats and heavy distorted guitars, a strong contender for this release.

My final thoughts, a resurrection of relics from the vowels of the underground, a feeling of despair and evil permeates in each song. If you love old school, rotten, bloody death metal, then look no further, this is where it is at.  



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