Stillborn - Testimonio de Bautismo

Stillborn is a three piece band consisting of Killer - guitar, vocal. Hunger- bass. August - drums. Genre described as Death Black Metal. Band origin Poland.

Testimonio de Bautismo album to be released on Godz Ov War Productions February 2016. Coming from the darkest corner of the underground this music brings brutal and crushing sounds. The chaos unravels right from the beginning. No filler, a straight punch to gut. Raw and bared bone production. Spewing malevolence from every orifice. The band offers us some interesting live recording such as the tracks Ob'en, Odezwa and Upiór or at least that is what they sounds like to me as I listen. In total, there are nine compositions of raw black metal with low vocals as well as some high vocals which sound evil in all its elements. Among my favorite would have to be "Burst Command Til War", many catchy and memorable rhythms make this one stand out above the rest. 

In conclusion, if you are looking for some powerful and dark tunes, then this is the album you want to check out, not to be missed.



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