Destroyers Of All - Bleak Fragments

Destroyers Of All is a five piece band consisting of João Mateus (Vocals), Alexandre Correia (Guitar), Guilherme Busato (Guitar), Bruno da Silva (Bass), Filipe Gomes (Drums). Genre described as Thrash/Death/Progressive Metal. Band origin Portugal.

Bleak Fragments album to be released on 18 March 2016 Mosher Records. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the dual guitar parts. Complex and well executed. The solos rip. Fast, melodic and intense. A great production, powerful drums, heavy bass tone and heavy guitar distortion. There is also some epic keyboard parts. For example, in the track "Hollow Words", you can hear some epic keys that are reminiscent of Fleshgod Apocalypse or Children Of Bodom. The band also does creative transitions from fast and brutal to melodic without much effort. You can hear some interesting change ups in the song "Hate Through Violence", not the best title but the music works perfectly and offers a variety of elaborate song structures reminding me of the band Death. Another  strong contender that should be mentioned is the title track "Bleak Fragments", many complicated arrangements hit the senses but are catchy and memorable. The bass player does a lot of intense riffing too, which is awesome to hear on an album. It adds an extra dimension to all the maniacal progressions we hear in this opus.

In conclusion, if you like your metal progressive, melodic with many twist and turns, then this is the album for you.



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