Deathless Legacy - The Gathering

Deathless Legacy is a seven piece band consisting of Steva la cinghiala - Vocals and Performances. Frater Orion (The Necromancer) - Drums and scenographies. El "Calàver" - Guitar, C-AG1318 (The Cyborg) - Bass and vocals, Alex van Eden (Alessio Lucatti) - Keyboard The Red Witch - Performances. Genre described as Horror Metal. Band origin Babylon.

The Gathering album to be released on Scarlet Records February 26 2016. My first thoughts, an epic and adventurous trip. Some of the bands that come to mind as I listen would be Dream Theater, Queensryche, Caelestia and Blacklands. There is a good amount of harmony trade offs between keyboards and guitars which sound complex and well structured. The vocals cover a wide range of the octave scale and are a highlight through out this album. In total, the band offers us eleven songs. Some of my favorites would have to be "The Dove Has Died", it is a catchy and enchanting composition with memorable choruses and melodic guitar passages. "Smash Your Idols", is another strong contender. Heavy distortion on the guitars and really gets the blood pumping. It is a solid metal song and worth spinning several times.

In conclusion, this is an exciting album, full of energy and powerful hymns. If you like bands like Dream Theater and Caelestia, then you will definitely want to add this one to your collection.



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