Praise The Flame - Manifest Rebellion

Praise The Flame is a band consisting of  JJ. Guitars/Vocals, Druaghonyk Drums, B. Skull Guitar. R. Impaler Bass. Genre described as death metal. Band origin Santiago, Chile.

Manifest Rebellion album released on September 21 2015 Memento Mori. The first impression, maniacal and evil harmonies. Upon looking at this, I was impressed at the logo and album art. Pleasing to my evil eyes. Once the play button was hit, I was struck in the face by the level of malevolence being thrown at me. Fast punishing grinds. Heavy distorted riffing and lightning fast solo work. Raising long dead demons seems to be the aim and it works here. Reminds me of Belphegor, Darthrone, Venom and Immortal. This release is comprised of nine songs. My favorites being, "Endless Scourge", the layering of choruses is a catchy thing on this tune. "Rise The Witchpower", as the title implies, it feels like it does exactly that. The intro really grabs me and the build up into a chaotic realm brings things to a new height.

In conclusion, if you like your metal blackened, raw, destructive and uncompromised, then look no further, this is where you want your ears.  



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