Mare Infinitum - Alien Monolith God

Mare Infinitum is a two member band consisting of, Homer - Guitars, Bass, Programming and Ivan Guskov - Vocals. Genre described as Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal. Band origin Russia.

Alien Monolith God album released on April 21, 2015 Solitude Productions. This is the bands second release and it delivers some powerful new hymns of pure doom and destruction. Exploring space and its vast mysteries is the main goal and they do it well. Five monumental tracks consisting of keyboards, low to high vocals, heavy distorted guitars, low tuned. Great sounding drums followed with a solid and powerful bass tones. You can also hear some chorus lines of dual vocals like in the song "The Sun That Harasses My Solitude", which also happens to be my favorite from this release. The album is a true escape and does not get boring at all. It manages to captivate your thoughts with melancholy rhythms and experimental passages. The other track that really stood out to me was the title song "Alien Monolith God", it builds up slowly then smashes you in the face with some powerful low vocals. It creates a long journey at almost fifteen minutes long but, it is definitely worth the ride.

In conclusion, the music contains many layers of exploration, while it is doom metal, it definitely has it own characteristics and should be investigated further to achieve the mass appeal it deserves.



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