Exterminas - Dichotomy

Exterminas is a five piece band consisting of Eskathon - Guitars (ex-Impiety), Moloch - Guitars , Raven - Drums , Skoll - Bass , Februus - Voice. Genre described as Black Metal. Band origin Italy.

Dichotomy album released on November 11th, 2015 Satanath Records. The menacing sounds of chaos come roaring through my headphones. There are no crazy intros or atmosphere setters. The music starts immediately with "Gods Hammer", which is something I really enjoy. The guitar riffs penetrate with vicious intent. Some of the influences I may note would be Krisium, Sadistic Intent, Celtic Frost and Asphyx. This release offers us eight devastating tracks of savage manifestation. Among my favorites would have to be "Swallowing The Gravity", it has a catchy title and heavy blast beats stick in my mind. Another song high on my list is "Upheaval Seems Anathema", this particular composition comes at you like a ravenous beast with its claws held high. Fast blast and sudden changes make this a powerful track worth playing several times.

In conclusion, the group delivers massive doses of malevolence with no survivors left behind.



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