Disrupted - Morbid Death

Disrupted is a three piece band consisting of Mikael Hanni - Vocals, Thomas Liljekvist - Guitars, Johan Kvastegård - Guitars. Genre described as Death Metal. Band origin Sweden.

Morbid Death album released on Momento Mori 2015. Indeed the heaviness coming from this release is supreme. Like a dragon breathing fire down your neck. You can't escape the furiosity expelled by these musicians. In terms of production, the quality is good. Solid drum attack and heavy distorted guitars. The early d/m influence is undeniable. We get ten tracks. Pure evil hymns with demonic vocals to please any die-hard. Some of my most memorable tracks would have to be, Behead the Dead, Funeral Creep and Rotten. Furious solos and grinding drums can be found in almost every song. Think of bands like Krisium, Sepultura and Gorguts.

In conclusion, songs with enough power to delight the old school fans and enough to shred the ears of the new generation of metal fans.



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