Mortuary - Nothingless Than Nothingness

Mortuary is a four piece band consisting of Jean-Noël Verbecq - Bass. Patrick Germonville - Vocals. Alexis Baudin - Guitars. Johann Voirin - Drums. Genre described as Death metal/thrash metal. Band origin France.

Nothingless Than Nothingness album released on Goregeous Productions January 18 2016. High levels of brutality is what this release brings to the table. Like a flurry of strong punches. This is what really good death metal should sound like. Punishing blast beats, hyper grinds, great distortion sound, solid bass tone and creative riffs that assault you from all directions. Shredding at max capacity, like in the track U-man Slept, K-os Crawled, the guitar solos rip. Another track worth mentioning is "K", it features a nice melodic interlude in the middle that is sure to please most ears. "Morbid Existence", is a crushing and devastating track obliterating everything in its path and assaulting the senses with fast blast beats. Think of bands like Pestilence, Morbid Angel, and Brutal Truth.

In conclusion, if you love death metal with a powerful attack and shredding solos, then this is the album to add to your collection.



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