Thulnar - Nightfall in Theros

Thulnar is a two piece band consisting of Darken (Diego Vacchiano) - all musics & lyrics. Elric Blackcrow - vocals. Genre described as Extreme Fantasy Metal. Band origin Bologna, Italy.

Nightfall in Theros EP released on January 13 2015. My first thoughts, the musicianship is at high levels. At times it sounds like there are six musicians composing all this material. As the genre describes, it certainly feels like been transported back in time to a mid evil era. The songs are well arranged and it is easy to get involved in the adventures the melodies are creating. Out of all three tracks my favorite would have to be "City of The Golden Halls", the chorus of vocals and heavy double bass kicks are interesting and the guitar melodies are very catchy and captivating.  

In conclusion, for such a short release the band manages to keep you intent and interested through out each song. Hoping to hear more from this band in 2016. If you like melodic and adventurous metal then look no further.



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