Abyssu - Once Entombed

Abyssus is a three piece band made up of, Kostas Analytis - Vocals. Panos Gkourmpaliotis - Guitars. Kostas Ragiadakos - Bass. Music style is listed as, old school death metal. Band location, Athens, Hellas.

Once Entombed album to be released on Transcending Obscurity Classics February 28th, 2016. A huge offering with nineteen tracks of old school raw and persistent death metal. It is always interesting to hear the old d/m influence being expressed by new artist. With this release they touch base with many of the pioneers of the early years. Reminding me of bands Death, Grave, Napalm Death, Obituary and Venom. Paying tribute to all those relics in exact passion. Mixed along with original material are some covers by Sodom "Outbreak of Evil", Asphyx, "DeathHammer", and of course Slayer,"Post Mortem", as well as a few others. Not a bad rendition of those old songs. Well executed. As far as their own material, it takes on a shape similar to the album Slowly We Rot by Obituary in a lot of the riffing.  

Final thoughts, if you love old school d/m, this release will be right for you. However if you are looking for new and brutal, you will have to look elsewhere. 



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