Martriden - Cold and the Silence

Martriden is a three piece band made up of, Kyle Howard - Keyboard, Guitars, Vocals. Shane Howard - Guitars, Vocals. Will Thackeray - Guitars. Music style is listed as, Death/Black Metal. Band location, Denver, CO.

Cold and the Silence album self released on November 28th 2015. My initial thoughts are, an immersion of progressive and melodic corridors. After a period of time listening to this release, I am still finding new things I missed the first time around. The group serves up seven potent and heavy songs. The track "Consequence" is the most notable. Its creepy atmosphere makes it an enthralling piece. The build up of aggression is subtle, but leaves a long lasting impression. "Pendulum", captures my attention. A prog rock sounding piece with black metal overtones highlighted by the vocals. The roots of death/black metal can also be felt and the compositions have enough melody the keep those rhythms playing in your mind. 

Final thoughts, the album is a force to be reckoned with. The power coming thru is potent and intense. The long soundscapes keep the listener captive from moment to moment. This is an album worth much exploration and you should lend your ears to it.  



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