Illusions Dead - Celestial Decadence

Illusions Dead is a four piece band made up of, Johannes Katajamäki: Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics. Jake Lastujoki: Guitar. Mikael Aalto: Bass. Akseli Auralinna: Drums, Lyrics on track 6. Music style is listed as, Death/Black Metal. Band location, Finland.

Celestial Decadence album to be self released on February 8, 2016. My first thoughts, fast and progressive. A very good recording. The band offers the listener complex arrangements, savage drums with thunderous double kick work. Reminiscent of Dissection, At The Gates and Cryptopsy. High levels of adrenaline persist through out every composition. In total there are eight tracks. Among my favorites would be "Shadow And Flame", it starts out with some catchy pitch harmonics on the opening riff, then it just goes off in high velocity. It's a song that can get your fist pumping and run into the pit. Way of The Deceiver", is another one high on my list. 

Final thoughts, brutal and intense from the very first song. If you like high velocity and melodic riffs with fast relentless drumming, then this is an album you must acquire for 2016. 



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