Mano Humana - Sombras

Mano Humana is a five piece band made up of, Osvaldo Guzmán (Vocals). JoséIgnacio Guzmán (Bass Guitar). Felipe Valenzuela (Guitar and Support Vocals ). Diego Valenzuela (Drums). Music style is listed as Death Metal Progresivo. Band location, Santiago de Chile.

Sombras album released on Sick Bangers 27 November 2015.This release is completely in spanish, so if you are trying to understand the vocals, you are out of luck. Unleashing a flurry of savagery from the start. An aggressive and pummeling attack of metal is delivered. I am reminded of bands like Grip Inc., Pissing Razors, Fear Factory and La Armada. If you want to go crazy in the mosh pit , then this is the band to do it to. Surprisingly enough, my favorite song turned out to be the most melodic one on the album, "Arbol" or Tree, is a captivating track to my ears. The majority of it is like a ballad. It includes a catchy solo and intense ending.

Final thoughts, raw and powerful music is expressed with direct statements of unrest and anarchy. If you want music to clench your fist and come out swinging, then this is the band for you.



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