APATHY NOIR - Across Dark Waters

Apathy Noir is a two piece band made up of, Viktor Jonas (All Instruments), Vidar Wetterhall (Vocals/Lyrics). Music style is listed as, Melodic Doom/Death Metal. Band location, Sweden.

Across Dark Waters album to be released on Artnoir Productions February 12, 2016. My first impression, intense, deep and moving. The initial track "Beyond The Sea", sets a gloomy path that will leads us into the void of no return. Good production, every instrument is well defined and comes through perfectly. The keyboard pieces are mesmerizing and capture the dark essence they are projecting to the listener. A mixture of low growl vocalization and also singing is well spread out through every composition. Some of the influence that may be noted would be bands like, Torrens Conscientium, Infestum and Sentenced. The band offers us seven long tracks. Some of my favorites would have to be, "Lure of the Sirens", with sorrowful and oppressive sounds, it is a song that can be played over and over and you would not get tire of it. "Death of Hope" is another track worth mentioning. Filled with powerful double bass drums and melodic riffing. It captivates the thoughts of long and sad journeys.

Final thoughts, hymns that penetrate the deep crevices of the mind. Rooted in the doom genre but adding a melodic touch that reflects an extra layer of sound exploration for both novice and frequent listeners of the genre.



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