Castle Freak - Human Hive

Castle Freak is a four piece band made up of, Andrew Gigan-Guitar/Vocals. Zak Carter-Guitar. Ben Anft-Bass. Sebastian Phillips-Drums. Music style is listed as, Death Metal/Grindcore. Band location, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Human Hive EP to be self released on March 18th 2016. Let the slaughtering begin. Guts and blood everywhere. A tremendous display of raw brutality hits my ears. Reminds me of bands like Brutal Truth, Napalm Death, Death, Overkill and Mortician. Complete with horror movie samples. This EP is short, but packs a punch. Traces of thrash metal influence can be heard on most of the songs too. "Sickening Corpses" and "Human Hive", are among my favorites from this release. Like flurry of bullets, the music assaults with carnal frequency. A dedication to death and grind is expressed with guttural vocals and all the gore you can handle.

Final thoughts, it is a savage ep, full of toxic waste, zombies terror and violence. If you enjoy your metal served up with relentless punishment, then look no further and lend your ears to this beast.


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