Ildverden - Temnich Chorna Jde Za Mnoyu

Ildverden is a one piece band made up of, Kvolkaldur - all instruments. Music style is listed as, Black Metal. Band location, Ukraine.

Temnich Chorna Jde Za Mnoyu album released on October 13 2015 Satanath Records. The deep catacombs of the Ukraine have opened up an sent forth an atrocious beast. Still breathing fire and wrecking chaos. Probably one of the most raw productions I have listen to since I did a review for a band called Mists of Poveglia from 2013. very similar in style both one man projects and very ambient and atmospheric. The drums remain in the background through out most of the songs. Guitars are set at a mid level distortion and many parts tremolo picking. The music is good but, I could not understand any of the lyrics at all because its in Ukranian. However, I can name the tracks I did enjoy "Temnich chorna yde za mnoyu", "Temna dalych zavikhryt', and the Satyricon cover "The Wolfpack", I also enjoyed the strange and invoking intros reminiscent of old horror films. 

Final thoughts, if you enjoy b/m that's from the deep caverns recorded with the bare necessities then this would be the perfect release for you.



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