Totem Skin - Weltschmerz

Totem Skin is a five piece band made up of, Glenn Zettersten - Vocals. Henrik Dahlqvist - Vocals. Christoffer Öster - Guitar. Sebastian Engström - Drums. Johan Wiberg - Bass. Music style is listed as, Fast, Heavy, Atmospheric. Band location, Falun/Borlänge.

Weltschmerz album to be released on Halo Of Flies March 4th 2016. Prepare to have your face melted. An abrasive and chaotic force is unleashed. Grinds that bring pure punishment and direct contact. Think of bands like, Unrest, Disrupt, Napalm Death and Brutal Truth. These are seven tremendous and destructive songs with great production. Killer drum sound and intense guitar distortion. Some dissonant chords are thrown in for layering, adding more to the dimension of the sound. For example, the song "Pretend", has a particular fill in the middle that I really enjoyed. Starting slow and mellow, then building up steadily to the brink of climactic fury.

Final thoughts, the band brings full aggression with every song and they add enough dynamic structure to keep the music engaging and interesting to the listener.



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