Tragacanth - Anthology of the East

Tragacanth is a five piece band consisting of, Erik Brouwer - Guitar, Bass, Vocals. Jasper van Minnen - Drums, Lyrics. OqPe Bune - Guitars. Terry Stooker - Vocals, Lyrics. Mark Oosterbaan - Bass. Genre described as Black/Death Metal. Band origin Nederland.

Anthology of the East album to be released on Loud Rage Music March 4 2016. My first thoughts on this album are, epic and destructive. Containing some powerful keyboard compositions complimented by devastating guitar riffs and demonic vocals. A perfect combination of high to low guttural vocals. Some of the bands that may be noted as an influence would be Dissection, At The Gates, early Dimmu Borgir and Behemoth. This promo also provided a lyric video for the song Edimmu which is a nice perk to get including the music. This song quickly became one of my favorites. With a haunting melody and cryptic passages, it is sure to please many ears. Another song worth noting "The First Noble Truth" this track came forth prominently. Its opening is monumental, like a mid evil soundtrack, when the heavy music comes in, it absolutely crushes the senses.

In conclusion, this is probably one of the best new releases I have listen to in 2016. If you like melodic, heavy, epic black/death metal, then look no further, this is your band.

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