Septagon - Deadhead Syndicate

Septagon is a five piece band consisting of, Markus Becker - vocals. Markus Ullrich - guitars. Stef Binnig-Gollub - guitars. Alexander Palma - bass. Jürgen Schrank - drums. Genre described as Metal. Band origin Germany.

Deadhead Syndicate album to be released on Cruz Del Sur Music 12 February 2016. A metal onslaught that carries the torches of traditional metal up high. The solos are killer, fast, fluid and complex. One of those solos can be heard in the song "Solitary Vagrant", it stands out and becomes memorable in my mind. In total the band offers us nine tracks. Among my favorites would be "Deadhead Syndicate", its natural progression and catchy chorus reminds me of early Iron Maiden. "Unwanted Company", is another track worth mentioning. Its like Megadeth meets Overkill. "Secret Silver Panorama Machine", its a long title but its awesome to listen to. The licks in the middle of the this particular song  features some interesting melodies.

In conclusion, metal is executed with exact precision. if you like bands Anthrax, Megadeth, Overkill and Iron Maiden, then this album should be in your collection.



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