Sacrilegium - Angelus

Sacrilegium is a five piece band made up of, Armeus-Drums. Suclagus Guitars, Bass. Aleksandra Keyboards. Nantur Aldaron, Vocals. Music style is listed as, Pagan Black Metal. Band location, Wejherowo.

Angelus album released on Release on 28 December 2015 Pagan Records. The band has been bringing their brand of madness since 1994 when they released their demo Sleeptime. This promo contains six different versions of the song Angelus. I will have to say my favorite version is by Angelus (Remix by Echoes of Yul), it is the atmosphere and penetrating hypnosis the synths create that most capture my attention. At times it reminds me of a Silent Hill type of soundtrack. Haunting and enthralling. At the time of this review the band has currently released a full album entitled Anima Lucifera. Below you'll find the link to the band BC so you can pick your favorite mix

Final thoughts, six renditions each with its own flavor.



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