Ravensire - The Cycle Never Ends

Ravensire is a four piece band consisting of, Rick - Vocals / Bass. Nuno - Guitars. Zé Rockhard - Guitars. F - Drums. Genre described as Metal. Band origin Portugal.

The Cycle Never Ends album to be released on Cruz Del Sur Music 12 February 2016. The opening riffs to this album take me back, way back to the early metal days. Such a classic distortion sound. In a way reminding me of Lazz Rockit mix with a Venom influence. On this release the band gives us eight tracks of epic metal like the early Maiden Pual Di'Anno era or Black Sabbath. Although it was enjoyable listening to all the songs, it would have been amazing to me if I was twenty years younger. To be fair, I am really into death/black/grind metal these days, so it made it difficult to keep my ears open and pay attention to the melodies. 

In conclusion, if you like the early era of metal, Manowar, UFO, Black Sabbath, Venom and Dio, then this album would be right up your alley.



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