Fall - The Insatiable Weakness

Fall is a five piece band made up of, Jessie Santos - Rhythm/lead guitar, vocals David Gutierrez -Bass Daniel Benavides - Rhythm/lead guitar. Lorenzo Perez - Drums. Music style is listed as, Metal. Band location, Portland, TX.

The Insatiable Weakness album self released on January 26 2016. My first impression, this music brings together many elements from the metal catagories and delivers an album that is intense progressive and devastating. Some of the influences that resonate within these compositions would be, Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory, Grip Inc., Sevendust, At The Gates and Messhugga. You can also hear a wide range of vocal styles. Low growl, high screams, mid growls and regular singing. With all these parts coming together you might think it is a bit to much but, the band makes it work. Personally, I enjoy listening to all these songs. A monumental offering of eleven tracks is presented. My favorites would have to be "From Ashes", this song is melodic, brutal and progressive. Providing twist and turns while maintaining a relentless attack. "Gods of Ruin", is another worth mentioning. It packs a punch of sonic devastation. I consider the ending piece to this composition to be just amazing. I could listen to it for a long period and it just kept getting better. 

My final thoughts, this album delivers huge doses of good music to their fans and new listeners. If you like metal the constantly evolves and creates new paths, then this is the album you should be listening to.



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