Humanitas Error Est - Human Pathomorphism

Humanitas Error Est is a five piece band made up of, S. Caedes-Vocals. Rogan-Bass. Tzar-Guitars. Ghoul-Vocals. Void114-Guitars. Ahephaim-Drums. Music style is listed as, Black metal. Band location, Germany.

Human Pathomorphism album released on Satanath Records January 11th 2016. With a haunting intro, "Destroyer of Worlds", the band quickly sets us up for total annihilation. The blazing double kicks are tremendous and deliver high doses on intensity. Heavy tremolo guitar riffing and high screams send chills to the bones. It is good to here two sets of vocals doing some complex inter-changes, mid-low growls and high screams of intense brutality. I am reminded of bands like Bathory, Gorgoroth and Samael.

A sonic wave of enormous proportions continues to weave its tentacles from song to song. Some of the more notable compositions would be "My Sexual Benediction", "Skinning Alive" and "Bestial Penetration", are all well executed and express the memorable arrangements, but overall, I enjoyed listening to all their songs.

In conclusion, an atmosphere of complete darkness and chaos. An album full of energy and intensity. Heavy blasting and demonic infestation is presented in the highest manner.




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