Kult Mogił - Anxiety Never Descending

Kult Mogił is a three piece band made up of, Kalkulator Chronometrażysta - Drums. Thisworld Outof Guitars. Karmiciel Wszy Zdrowych - Guitars, Vocals. Members as listed at metal-archivesMusic style is listed as, death metal. Band location, Poland.

Anxiety Never Descending Release on 24 December 2015 Pagan Records. Dissonance and chaos are the two main ingredients in this release. The opening track comes through like sharp razor blades and obliterates the senses. Raw and gritty seems to be the projection of the production. Low growls and blast beats can be heard demolishing everything in site. The band offers us six punishing compositions. Reminiscent of early Morbid Angel but with a twisted and maniacal structure. Some of my favorites from this release would have to be "Serene Ponds", thunderous double kick work and cut throat solos make this particular song stand out. "Początek Wrażeń", not sure what it means but the low tuned strings send shivers down the spine. Like a cold dark hand wrapping tightly around the neck. A punishing song that's worth checking out at a high volume. 

Final thoughts, if you like chaotic and dissonant riffing, then look no further, this is the album to add to your collection. 



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