Sorrow Plagues - Sorrow Plagues

Sorrow Plagues is a one man band made up of, David Lovejoy - All Instruments. Music style is listed as, Atmospheric/Post-Rock/Black Metal. Band location, UK.

Sorrow Plagues album self released on February 8, 2016. My first impression, intense and atmospheric. The keyboard arrangements are the most dominant factors through out the album. A deep and adventurous journey is presented with long melodic passages. By far the most captivating song from this release would be "Redemption", this is an epic soundscape. A monumental sonic atmosphere with slow and moving melodies that eventually climax into a powerful ending. The opening song "Fade", is another track worth mentioning for its persistent intensity and keeping the listener engaged for the rest of the album. 

Final thoughts, this album offers many realms of exploration. The melodic passages are well written and the music remains interesting from beginning to end. Fans of Dissection, Atra Vetosus, Path of Destiny and Thorns of Sin will want to add this debut album to their collection.



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