Drama / Perdition Winds - Split release

Drama / Perdition Winds. Drama band is made up of, Dym - Drums. Vindsarg - Guitars, Vocals. Torden - Bass. Perdition Winds is J.K.A. - Bass. R.S. - Drums. T. K. - Guitars. R.Ä. - Guitars. J.E. - Vocals. Music style is listed as, black metal. Band location, Russia-Finland.

Drama / Perdition Winds Satanath split released on 25 December 2015. A short but effective and powerful combination. Starting out with Drama. They have two songs featured on here. "Create Your Own Death", starts out with a slow and unexpected intro, it builds up into a depressing but intense journey that I really enjoyed listening to. The second song is "Gloria Mortis", a strong blast beat with catchy rhythms kicks things off and the punishment is unleashed. This song is my favorite of the two. Next up is Perdition Winds with the song "Cult of Kain", like corpses wrecking havok upon unsuspecting prey. The band offers us a song that is about thirteen minutes worth of exploration. It destroys the senses with its devastating blast and rapid tremelo guitar riffs.

Final thoughts, this split is menacing and torturous. If you like raw and relentless aggression, then look no further and add this to your collection.




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