Centrilia - Memento Mori

Centrilia is a four piece band made up of, Gareth Ellis Bass, Vocals (backing). Andy Brown - Drums. David Sandford-Guitars, Vocals (backing). Gavin Marshall-Vocals. Music style is listed as, Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore. Band location, Glasgow, Scotland.

Memento Mori album self released on December 11 2015. Here is an ep that blew my mind. An epic and crushing assault is delivered. Since the start of the year many promos have hit my ears, but this one stayed in my mp3 player long after completing my review and I will most likely keep it in my player because the music is just that good. 

For an Ep made up of five tracks, it is massive and afflicting ride. The relentless power they deliver kicks of with "Tsunami", with a modern metal approach, the song is just devastating and if you are not hooked by the time you reach the end, then I would say, get your ears checked. The track "Be A Voice, Not An Echo", is absolutely my favorite, the spirit of rebellion is exalted high, it is a song that gets your fist pumping and the rage can penetrate deep inside. "The I In Evil", is another strong contender. I recently viewed a youtube video of the band performing this song live in concert and it is every bit as energetic as the recording. Some of the bands that can be noted as an influence would be At The Gates, Lamb Of God, Chimera and Meshuggah.  

In conclusion, a powerful performance with dynamic progressions. The message and force that is created will cause a big impact on the listener. As many great bands are sometimes missed, be sure not to pass up the opportunity to check out Centrilia, you will not be disappointed.



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