Ghost Horizon - Astral Possession

Ghost Horizon is a two piece band consisting of, Daniel Stollings - Guitars/Bass. Uræus - Vocals/Drums/Additional Music. Genre described as Melodic/Atmospheric Black Metal.
Band origin, Phoenix, AZ.

Astral Possession EP to be self released on 26 February 2016. To my unsuspecting ears, this music really found its way into my head. Cryptic and malevolent choruses with catchy melodies. I enjoy the way these song are epic and compelling. These musicians are able to keep things intense and brutal while maintaining comprehensible passages and catchy rhythms. Although short, the songs deliver good quality. I would have to say my favorite track is "Spectral Trenody", I enjoy the way the blast beats and vocal delivery come in, its a song that makes you want to keep it on repeat. To be honest, all the songs have a lot to offer, great arrangements and solos.
In conclusion, fans of black metal will definitely enjoy this release, but there is enough variety in the writing style that anyone that's into metal can take something from it.



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