Decibel Mag Premiere ÉOHUM 'Eurocide

Montreal black metallers Éohum have teamed up with Decibel Mag for the premiere of their second single 'Eurocide' off their upcoming EP 'Ealdfaeder' set for release on March 18th.

Band founder and guitarist Jeremy Perkins comments:
"Eurocide is the opener to our EP, a direct introduction with sounds of flutes and drum, influenced by the Celtic and Gaulic sound. Notes you would of heard in ancient Druidic ceremonies and festivals.

 It is a song I keep close to my heart and I believe it can be seen as our manifesto, speaking of the loss of tradition, culture and identity, these being side effects of any form of colonization and indoctrination of any peoples on Earth throughout the globe at any time in history. I think every culture can come together and relate globally.

Musically, it is what I can call a literal progressive structure where we play 9 distinct riffs in a row without returning to a break, before returning to our final riffs and outro as we commenced with and it works great!

Brings us to a place where human societies and nature lived symbiotically and in balance!"

The EP was recorded at Chris Donaldson’s (Cryptopsy) “The Grid” with a special guest recording from drummer Simon Mackay of The Agonist on tracks 2-4-5 and features a line up with band founder Perkins on guitar along with the return of Annie Perreault on French horn/flute, guitarist Sylvain Dumont, vocalist Barrie Butler plus new comers bassist Cesar Franco and drummer Luca Belviso whom have been part of the line up for the last year. All are focused on the distinct grassroots of old school plus very heavy progression that has flourished since last year to give way to a distinct path, sound and image with each member sharing common ground on the message, beliefs and ideas behind Éohum.

To listen to 'Eurocide' along with interview with band founder Jeremy Perkins, please visit the following link via Decibel Magazine: decibelmagazine-ohum-where-black-metal-meets-the-environment-heritage-and-french-horns 


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