Revolver Mag Video Premiere NECRONOMICON 'Crown of Thorns'

Head over to Revolver mag link below, they just unleashed Necronomicons' new video, "Crown of Thorns"

Delivering a lethal dose of symphonic, blackened death, Montreal, QC metal masters NECRONOMICON are returning in 2016 with their latest offering 'Advent of The Human God' set to be unleashed via Season of Mist on March 18th for Europe and March 25th for North America / rest of the world. The brutal assaulting soundtrack is the follow up to their previous SOM release 2013's 'Rise of The Elder Ones'. 'Advent of the Human God' sees NECRONOMICON at the height of their powers and is the veteran band's definitive album to date with tracks like 'The Golden Gods', 'Unification of the Four Pillars', 'Crown of Thorns' and 'I Bringer of Light' that demonstrate how deadly their extreme metal can be. Album pre-order available at
Teaming up with Revolver Mag, NECRONOMICON premiere their third single and music video 'Crown of Thorns'.
Vocalist Rob The Witch comments on the video:
"Religion is one of the ugliest man made invention to control and dominate those who dont bow before is rules. The biggest genocide in history have been backed up by religion, countless million of native from Americas have been exterminated with the permission of the Catholic church in exchange for the propagation of the word of God. Expect no peace for the world before religions are eradicated."
To watch 'Crown of Thorns', please visit the following link: revolvermag.-necronomicon-premiere


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