Curse / Styggelse / WAN Necroholic split

Curse is a two piece band made up of,  Eldur - Vocals, Guitars, Bass. Tybald - Drums. Styggelse, is a five piece band made up of, Skadeglade - Drums. Kallbrand - Guitar. Larsson - Vocals. Desekrator - Guitar. Thunderbolt - Bass. WAN: is a four piece band made up of, Tsjud - Vocals. Draup - Drums. Aganaroth - Guitar. Isengrim - Bass. Music style is listed as, black metal. Band location, Curse-Oslo. Styggelse-Gothenburg. WAN-Eskilstuna.

Necroholic split released on Satanath Records December 27th 2015. The first group on this split is the band Curse. They offer us four tracks with tremendous sound lingering on sludge/heavy rock. Influenced by Motorhead. Dirty and gritty distortion and pure raw riffs. "War of One" is the best song for me out of all four. Next, is the band Styggelse. Much better production quality for their recording as oppose to the other two. Their song "Angel Blood Shed", has a great feeling. Mid distortion guitar sound and heavy reverb on the vocals. They offer us four compositions and my favorite is "No Team in I", one of the memorable pieces for me is the chorus line, it is catchy and moving. The solos are on point and fit well. The final band on the split is WAN, four tracks of pure aggression with massive distortion permeate every riff. Their song "Pa Korset Vi Krass", is the dominating song for me. Malevolent and fast drumming is the stand out track by this group. 

Final thoughts, an impressive split. All the bands deliver extreme doses of metal.



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