Primitive Man / Northless Split

Primitive Man, is a three piece band made up of, Ethan Lee McCarthy - Guitars & Vocals. Jonathan Campos - Bass. Isidro Spy - Drums. Artwork by Ethan Lee McCarthy. Northless is a four piece band made up of, Nicholas Elert - Guitar. Jerry Hauppa - Bass. John Gleisner - Drums. Erik Stenglein - Guitar & Vocals. Band locations, Primitive Man - Denver, CO. Northless - Milwaukee. Music style is listed as, Sludge,doom,metal.

Primitive Man / Northless split to be released March 4th 2016 on Halo of Flies. Kicking things of is Primitive Man. The trembling wave of destruction can be felt upon hitting the play button. Powerful dissonance of low tuned strings and howling screams of the beyond. The material is raw an abrasive. Dirty and sludgy distorted guitar riffs. The song is fifteen minutes long and shakes the ground. 

Next up is Northless, they offer us three bone crushing, grit and descending arrangements. With maniacal screams, crust ambiance fills the air waves. The band explores dark corridors and untouched realms of dissonance that are ignored by most. The experience is both intense and strange. My favorite song would be "Wasted Breath", its natural sound and long passages resonate with despair and hopelessness. 

In conclusion, both bands embrace all that is chaotic and devastating. A manifestation of grit and doom is exalted into the mortal realm with crushing results.



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