Briargh - Eboros

Briargh is a one man band made up of, Dux Briargh - All instruments and vocals. Music style is listed as, Melancholic Black Metal. Band location, Spain.

Eboros album released on October 27th, 2015, Morbid Shrine Productions. The music comes through with pure aggression and savagery. Nothing is over-processed. A very natural sounding recording is captured. Interesting aspects of the arrangements is how well the two guitar tracks compliment each other and trade of rhythms. 

The song "Eboros - Epitome of Death", has a captive and creative keyboard piece along with female vocals complimented with a clean strumming guitar. A thing to note, these songs are all in spanish. It is the first time I have heard black metal with spanish lyrics, it fits well and adds a different dynamic to the album. 

The drums have a natural sound and it is actually good to hear how intense the string parts are pronounced with the relentless battery of blast beats. 
Final thoughts, if you want pure, abrasive and from deep in the underground metal music, then this is for you.




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