Akhenaten - Incantations Through The Gates Of Irkalla

Akhenaten is a two piece band made up of, Jerred Houseman - All Music. S. Wyatt Houseman - All Vocals. Music style is listed as, Black/Death Metal with Middle Eastern Folk Influences. Band location, Manitou Springs, CO.

Incantations Through The Gates Of Irkalla album released on Satanath Records 20 December 2015. My first thoughts, this is a heavy drum oriented album. The arrangements are tribal and ambient, middle eastern style of music with black metal influence. Among all the musical landscapes the band projects on this release, my favorite would have to be "The Watchers", heavy guitar laced and ominous keyboard pieces. This particular track is entirely instrumental and creates an ecliptic feeling. Another strong composition on here would be ,"The Passage Through Flames", is a strong and memorable song worth spinning several times. There is a cover by Septic Flesh, fans of the band will be interested in checking out  the song "Anubis", found at the end of this album. A good rendition of this song, not building upon the original, but just adding their touch to the song.

Final thoughts, don't expect a lot of grinds or blast, the music creates tribal and ritualistic moods.



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